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hey so back in glasgow you gave four lads your tumblr url after we heard you sing while you were working the mmf thing and we think you're quite lovely. any chance you're coming back anytime soon?


Yeah thanks for sneaking up on me like that, I totally remember you guys. I’m not going back to England for a looonnngg time. I’m sorry. But if you drop by in Cali then hit me up hahah.


this is why I love John Green

Tyler Carter:One of the few people who cause me to actually question my sexuality.

Do you follow Hunterralexander?


haha nooOOOOO


Tyler Carter // ISSUES
by Ashley Osborn
Hi, I'm back, the person who admitted to love you last night? I'm sorry if I forget. I've lost track of the time with my clouded thoughts, but the only one that shines through is my love for you. Anyway, I hope you've had an amazing day. Take care.


This isn’t fair omg


letlive. by Hunter Wallace Photo on Flickr.

Milky Way over Trapper Mountain, North Cascades National Park ➾ Jayme Gordon